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Celtic Spirituality - The Divine Feminine

Early Celtic society was orientated towards a spirituality that held a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine, and the mysteries of the deep connection between life and spirituality. They believed 'love' was the 'nature of the soul'.  Central to this was honoring Mother Earth and her eternal abundance. 

Fortingall Yew Tree

The Divine Feminine was honored and a sensual emotional connection to life was encouraged. Intuition, mysticism, nature and rhythmic cycles were embraced and celebrated. In Celtic spirituality the body was revered as a sacred container of life. 

Women were considered equal to men, they preached alongside men and held positions of authority. They believed that when there is a separation between the the earth and the feminine, a destructive influence emerges that creates havoc and imbalance.  The chaos that we are seeing in our world today is a result of this.  The Celts understood this patriarchal model was not a true reflection of our essence. 

We in essence are each comprised of masculine and feminine energies and qualities, omitting one aspect of this denies our very essence, our true spiritual nature is denied creating discord and dissonance in all aspects of life and society.

Sacred Marriage


The Celts believed in many Divine Beings.  In Celtic Mythology Brigid, the Goddess of fire was honored for her impact on fertility and creativity. She is remembered at the festival of Imbolc heralding the return of spring in the Celtic calendar. Brigid is the Goddess of fire, the fire symbolising the fires of continual fertility and abundance. Her name means 'fiery arrow of power.'

Brigid's Cross

Created from twisted barley or corn, Brigid's Crosses are traditionally made in Ireland on Brigid's feast day.  Rituals are associated with the making of the cross.  They symbolise the cyclical nature of life and herald a return of the new cycles of life and consciousness.  

St. Brigid's Cross

The Triple Spiral

The Triple Spiral found in Celtic Art is symbolic of the energy of the Triple Goddess. The triple circles represent the creative powers of the Virgin, the fruitfulness of the Mother and the destructive/transformational energy of the Crone.  This ancient symbol is found within the Book of Kells. 

The Book of Kells -
Triple Spiral Design

The Celtic Cross

According to Dr Christine Page the Celtic Cross is an ancient symbol, 'reflecting' the ancient 'sun wheel'.  The 'three short arms' and the 'long vertical arm' represent 'the marriage of the male and female, the symbol of fertility and the continuation of life.' This powerful symbol was a metaphor for the fundamental paradigm that sustained life on Earth.

The Island of Iona

Earth Goddess

In Celtic mythology, the Earth Goddess was Danu, the mother of the Irish Gods.  There were three mother-goddesses of war, Morrigan, Nemain and Badb. The ancient Goddesses were linked to special places including trees, wells and rivers where it was believed these Divine beings were present. 


The Natural World

In the Celtic world communing with the natural world was part of daily life. The natural world, as highlighted by author Maureen Murdock, was seen as a 'doorway to the unseen realms.' The invisible world and visible world were not separate, they are deeply connected to each other.  

Co-creative spirituality was at the heart of Celtic consciousness. Doctrine or hegemony did not exist, instead a direct individual connection and experience of spirit was fostered. Mother Earth was the source of all life and creation, she was honored as a living, breathing being...she sustained all life and creation.

Mother Earth

The Landscape

According to author John O'Donohue, throughout the lands of the Celts, the shape of the landscape was recognised, as, 'an ancient and silent form of consciousness...full of soul.'  The caves and natural groves were sacred meeting points where Celtic lore and tradition was celebrated and shared with the community.


The Lost Legacy of the Sacred Feminine

Eventually ancient Celtic spirituality was suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church, replaced with a distorted doctrine that denied the Goddess and omitted her powerful legacy within the spiritual traditions that once flourished throughout the Celtic lands. 

Consciousness was orientated towards male domination founded upon patriarchal control.  Women were conditioned to believe they were intrinsically inferior to men by their very existence and lived within this paradigm...until now!   

Today women and men are AWAKENING!  We are beginning to remember an ancient way of life...of being at one with nature and ourselves.  We are remembering time honoring traditions that once embraced the sacred consciousness of the Divine Masculine and Feminine as sacred and equal. 

Celtic Sacred Sites

Many of us are being called to visit ancient Sacred Sites throughout the Celtic lands in our deeper quest for wholeness.  These mystical and sacred locations are infused with powerful Feminine energy. Energy the ancient people honored and held sacred as the foundation of life on Earth.  Healing energy that awakens us to our very nature, the Divine..I AM...

These ancient sites are calling us home to reunite men and women with the timeless beauty and magic of the Earth, her mystical wisdom and love for us.  Places we can be nourished, feel a sense of ancient belonging and connect fully to our hearts...

The Sacred Pathway of the Ancients...
Fortingall Yew Tree

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